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Apr 23, 2019

Should robots come with googly eyes? Why do these beds look so dangerous? Find out answers to these and all your other burning questions on this episode of Contrivance!

In this episode, Drew, Britt, and Pete talk about Pokemon (I’m so sorry for how much we talk about Pokemon), reasons never to wake a sleeping Pete, and a very special PSA.

Time codes for our different segments:
Intro – 00:44
Trash Begets Trash – 07:38
Untitled Segment – 33:38
Wrap Up – 39:50

Here’s the doomsday bed:

All hail Clocky:

Get your very own Hamdogger:

Thank you to Dance for the Dying for our absolute bop of a theme song, Thug Love. You can find more from Dance for the Dying on Spotify!