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Oct 23, 2019

Wanna learn about mouth-breather burlesque? The best way to cover up Corgi farts?

Join Britt, Drew, and our guest host Brittany to find out about this and more!

Intro - 00:44
Trash Begets Trash – 05:30
Untitled Segment – 43:49
Drew’s Snack Corner - 47:08
Wrap Up - 52:16

Trash Begets Trash
Food Curtain

Oct 9, 2019

Wind-up baby butlers, low budget alternate identities, and even lower budget Boba Fetts--oh my...
Get spooped, horrified, and uncomfortable with Drew, Britt, and our guest host Chip on this week's episode of Contrivance!

00:54 - Intro
01:49 - Invention Q&A
08:53 - Trash Begets Trash
47:17 - Untitled Segment
55:16 -...